Wood Puzzler Complete

This is the complete version of the game!

“4 Stars… It’s all very professional, something we don’t see in a lot of apps aimed at children… Best one we’ve ever seen… Has a lot to teach your child… We totally recommend it!”

What separates Wood Puzzler from the rest? We focus on the alphabet, using spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary with beautiful visual representations. It’s not just letters, and it’s not just a few picture puzzles. It’s all of that and more! Wood Puzzler is an improved, modern take on the old days when there were simple wooden puzzle boards for the kids. These early learning puzzles are a great start for their home schooling, cognitive abilities, motor skills and brain development. Wood Puzzler offers three great games in one! First is the Alphabet Puzzle. It has 3 stages with upper and lower case letter puzzle pieces, where each letter is spoken and represented by a cute picture starting with that letter. There is a fun sing-along to the alphabet song when the whole puzzle is completed! The second game has 26 different picture puzzles, one for each letter, each with its associated word that is spelled and pronounced upon completion. The third game is the Spelling Board, where they can freely drag and arrange all the letters and pictures on the screen. It’s the perfect see-and-say puzzle game for your child!

★ UNIVERSAL! – One download works with iPhone and iPad at the same time.
★ ALPHABET PUZZLE – 3 boards with upper and lower case letters, seen and pronounced.
★ 26 DIFFERENT PICTURE PUZZLES – One for each letter, with the word seen, spelled and pronounced.
★ SPELLING BOARD – Like a magnet board, drag and arrange letters and pictures.

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