Exotic Pet Puzzler Complete – Kids Learn the Alphabet

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Exotic Pet Puzzler is designed to teach kids the English alphabet and have lots of fun doing it. With 26 sets of 4 activities such as letter tracing, connect the dots, word puzzles and picture puzzles. All with beautifully illustrated extraordinary animals. With child development in mind, we emphasize pronunciation, repetition and motivation by playing. We recommend parents learn cooperatively through the four different types of games then let them explore on their own. Some of our curious animals include camel, elasmosaurus, dragon, tapir, and vicugna. Z is zebra? No, in Exotic Pet Puzzler Z if for zonkey!

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, iPad Mini, or iPod Touch 4G
* Requires iOS 6+ or later
* Universal app for all iOS devices

Pricing and Availability:
* Available worldwide through the App Store under kids games.
* Coming soon to Amazon Appstore, Google Play and more!

Downloads: Media Kit

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