About Us


Little Five Games is a small startup company in Las vegas dedicated to making fun and educational apps for children using the latest technologies.

The Founder

Once upon a time there was a geeky dad named Tony, doing what most geeky dads in the world do. He loved computers and engineering, crazy stuff like his famous Automatic Baby Walker video. He works his day job, making reports for really important people who have a lot of money. Then at night he turned into even more of a super geek, toiling away tirelessly with software and invention ideas. His secret love, was making interesting little games, not super big games, and not really those busy reports.

Geeky dad had a big family, a loving full-time geeky wife, a mischieviously disobedient son of 5 years, and two twin princess girls of 3 years. Naturally he had a bunch of computer devices around the house, and all kids were curious. Dad was always plugging away at some screen somewhere, always busy with something. They took a liking to the iPad. What a revolutionary device! Easier and more natural to use than that pesky mouse. Tony quickly downloaded some interesting apps for kids!

The apps caught their attention for a few fleeting moments. Geeky Dad noticed these apps were not good enough. Some had incredible graphics, but the educational value was sorely lacking. Some had horrible graphics, but did well to teach something. A couple of them had really bad audio. Are my kids learning or simply being distracted? There was always a little something wrong with what was out there in app land. Something had to be done!

Then it hit him! No it wasn’t the dolly Tinsey threw at his head, it was an epiphany! One of the greatest things known to man, the same realization as when the caveman discovered fire. The gears of the cog slowly turned. Geeky Dad knows how to program… Geeky Dad likes games… Geeky Dad has kids (A.K.A. beta testers)… Geeky Dad can do it himself!

So the story of Little Five Games had begun. With the moral support of the wife, three free beta testers, he started his adventure making educational and fun apps for kids. Will he succeed? Was it really an epiphany or head trauma? Will his ideas be accepted? Only time will tell, stay tuned for more…

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